Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Editor Site

 A student at Video Symphony, the post production education facility, has started a new web site for editors.

According to Noel Albornoz  " The site,,  is a
social networking site similar to Facebook and LinkedIn but caters to
post-production editors.  Members of the site can create their profile,
network with others, join discussions in the forums, and upload their demo
reels where they can get feedback from their peers."

I'm curious what others think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, I'm trying out a Twitter feed to initiate screening invites. Please visit my account and DM (direct message) me or send me an email -- both are private communications, even though the account is public right now because the "protect my updates" option is very cumbersome. And of course, "blocking a follower" is one simple click. It's sort of an experiment; hope it's of interest to you especially if you are interested in sharing screenings. Thanks.

Duplicity, 4/17, 6:30, Paramount.

Madea Goes To Jail, 4/10, 6:30, Paramount.

12:38 PM  

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