Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Editor Comments from the 2008 Equipment Survey

Two surveys were returned with extended comments.

From John Gilbert, A.C.E.

The EDL program needs to be updated. John and his crew kept getting a 'buffer' error when attempting to make an EDL, and the program would crash. As there was no other explanations of why, they kept dividing the sequence in half, to see which half had the problem. "So after 3 hours of working the problem we did discover that this version of the EDL manager won't let us make an EDL when there's a speed change in the sequence.  After so many years you can't make an EDL with a speed change in it?"

John continues: "Also, you still can't make an EDL with over 999 items in it." This of course is completely inadequate for today's work.

The ScriptSync program has come a long way, but still needs work: "When there's a re-write or an ad-lib on set, you can't add or delete text within Script Sync.  The script sync document NEEDS to be fully editable. We tried to amend a script outside of the program like we were told to do, and the script would never come back in with the proper format.  After several hours we abandoned the effort."

Secondly, the little tabs that appear on takes need to be more editable.   (W)e would need to remove the tab and add another and the change wouldn't happen.  We could slide the tab but Script Sync would keep the original reference in the take.  For example we had a line where the character said, "Cup..." and Script Sync thought the line was "Cut" and marked it at the end of the take. Since I couldn't add the additional tabs that I needed, I couldn't use it for that scene.

Also, when the clip is playing in Script Sync, there should be a "play bar" to indicate where the clip is being played.  The verticle line that's already there is perfect, it just needs to become in different color inside the line to indicate where it's playing.

(Finally) there needs to be an easier way to type text at the top of the clip.

Kate Sanford, A.C.E., responded about what feature Avid needs:

"Mappable audio keyframes!  Copy/paste audio keyframes from one track to another.  This would be especially useful when replacing music.  In fact, it would be wonderful if option+replace would preserve all keyframe info while replacing the underlying track on PICTURE or SOUND!  (In video the workaround is to save the effect, then paste it back onto the desired shot.)

The other feature I need is dupe detection on ALL video tracks!  Why isn't this available on V2?   Dupe detection should find common frames within and among all video tracks."


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