Monday, January 12, 2009

Who Knew? Command-X

- a continuing series of tips. 

It can take several keystrokes to delete a region in an Avid timeline. In Segment Mode (the red arrow), you highlight a clip then hit delete. If there are effects and keyframes, those get removed one at a time, so it can take as many as 6 keystrokes to delete a region.

Shortcut: highlight the region in Segment Mode then hit Command-X (on a Mac; Control-X on a PC).

Voila: the region and all effects are gone. Best of all, the deleted clip (with all effects) is now in the Clipboard, and can be inserted into the timeline at a new spot, with effects, keyframes, and dissolves in tact. Command-V to paste in, or open the Clipboard and 'B' to overwrite.

Thanks to Frank Capria and Avid for the tip. 
Who knew?


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