Thursday, September 25, 2008

Multiple Source Monitors


I’ve tested this just a little, but it seems to be a pretty interesting and crazy Avid editing capability.

Option+double click (Mac, or Alt+double PC) a clip in a bin opens that clip in a pop-up monitor. What is interesting is when this window is active, it works as a source monitor: hit an insert or overwrite key and the material from the pop up window is spliced into your timeline. Or, you can drag and drop from that pop up monitor into the timeline. Segment Mode determines if it is an insert or overwrite, and can be switched by clicking on the yellow or red arrow.

But what if you opened more than one pop-up window? Two? I opened five in MC 3.0, and used each to be the source for editing into my timeline. See this image from the HITTING THE CYCLE promo.

What makes this interesting is how easy it can make accessing your dailies. Rather than double clicking each shot in a bin to open it in the regular source window, or using the source window’s pulldown list, one could have an entire scene of dailies (?) instantly available.

This needs more testing. But it may be a 'hand saver' for episodic television, saving a few hundred mouse clicks a day in accessing dailies.

Thanks to Michael Phillips from Avid for this tip. And kudos to Avid: they are proving to be very attentive to customer questions and needs. They really seem to be listening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

IIRC this feature has been in MC for years but very few people know it exists.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Michael H said...

Go to your Bin settings and you can permanently set what double clicking objects in your bin will do.

The default is "Double-click loads object in Source or Record Monitor", but you can set it to "New Pop-up Monitor" if you prefer working that way. I believe you can also gang these smaller monitors together. Play one, and when you stop it updates all the Ganged monitors. Very useful.

3:01 PM  

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