Monday, May 19, 2008

Red Camera Demo at PlasterCITY Digital Post

About 35 people assembled in the DI theater at PlasterCITY Digital Post in Hollywood on Tuesday, May 13, and were treated to a fantastic presentation on using the Red Camera and its RD3 media in post production. The guests included ACE members, editors, assistants, teachers, and a couple of directors.

Michael Cioni, Chief Knowledge Officer at PlasterCITY, and Stephen Beres, Chief Technology Officer, were the presenters. They used a Mac laptop to project a Powerpoint slideshow, and for 90 minutes delivered an expert guide on the Red Camera and how to get it in and out of Avid and Final Cut Pro.

It was overwhelming, and very exciting. Michael and Stephen are very good presenters, both at clearly explaining and entertaining. The Red camera can shoot at 4K. It is possible to edit in 4K, but Michael and Stephen showed how the media is captured on a drive or flash drive, brought into Avid or FCP and edited at ProRes or DNxHD36. There was so much information my head started spinning.

The great aspect of the workflow is the people at Red Digital Cinema Camera Company have not only developed an inexpensive, full res HD camera with lenses and convenient attached storage, but they’ve created tools to move and manipulate that media into post production. They are the only digital camera company I know that has devoted time to anything past shooting. The tools, Red Alert! and Redcine, are used to apply color correction and export to any number of file specs. These, and the Final Cut Pro plugins they offer, are downloadable off their website for FREE.

In the demonstration, we saw a Red drive attached to the laptop on stage, the media dragged and dropped into a FCP timeline. We were treated to a short demo reel with quite stunning imagery (compressed to 2K). And best of all, the Red representative, Ted Shilowitz, joined the question and answer session by asking the audience questions.

For more information, you can visit the PlasterCITY website at and view the Red Lab page which shows several post workflows. The audio from the demonstration will be posted on the ACE website as soon as it is available.

You can also listen to the presentation, broken up into 12 topics, on the ACE Audio Download page.

Thanks to PlasterCITY Digital, Michael Cioni, Stephen Beres, and Ted Shilowitz for a fantastic presentation.


Blogger RJWeditor said...

Hello, I am a working Assistant Editor/ Student in Chicago that has faced the RED workflow personally now three time.

For most, it's still a big mystery, but I have recently put together a blog spot and wrote about my experience, findings and a "How to" guide on the RED Workflow for both the FCP and the Avid MC 3.0.

The article is called "Spilling the Beans on Red One"


Please feel free to take a look and leave a comment.

Robert J. Williams
Assistant Editor

10:47 AM  
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