Saturday, August 16, 2008

Avid FX

by Harry B. Miller III, A.C.E.

Opening up Avid FX, the added module to the Media Composer 3 which was until recently available only in Express Pro, one is faced with an intimidating palette of screens. But, how do I make a title? How do I make a transition? What is all this stuff?

There aren't many sources of information on how to use Avid FX. The Help file is a start. I wanted to read it on my Mac laptop, so I copied the file 'AvidFxHelp.chm' from the Avid FX Documentation folder. Mac's can't natively read a '.chm' file, but I was able to find CHMOX (, a program that enables a Mac to open a .chm file.

But reading a Help file to learn how to use a program is like reading an encyclopedia from page one to learn how to make beer. There is a lot of information, but not very well organized for a beginning user. And all you really are after is a beer.

Amazon sells the book 'Instant Boris Effects' by Chris Vadnais (also available as a Kindle Book). Howard Smith, A.C.E. found this to be a good primer on FX, as it is adapted from Boris' Red program.

Another excellent resource is on an Avid UK page, Available here are some outstanding tutorials. Very informative.

Finally, Boris offers tutorials on many of its plugins at

This looks to be a great program, that seems to have tight integration with the MC. I was really impressed with it after seeing the 3D modeling and titling tutorials on the Avid site. I won't be able to use all of it, but it looks to be a fun learning experience.

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Anonymous Adam Kranitz said...

The original video Quick Tours produced for Avid FX when it was bundled with Studio Toolkit are still available on

Videos include lessons on Transitions, Compositing, 3D elements, Filters, and Titling.

12:35 PM  

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