Saturday, March 29, 2008

2007 Equipment Survey Comments

The results of the 2007 ACE Equipment Survey (along with my cogent observations) will be published in the next Cinema Editor Magazine. Here are some comments submitted by the respondents, which were too lengthy to put in the article. They have been edited for brevity.

“Please send your feedback to our avid rep in burbank:”

“I cut this entire movie on my laptop with MC 2.7 in a condo in Vancouver. It went really well.”

“We digitized from HDCam masters into FC, synced up video w/ prod audio in the cutting room, and then on-lined in the cutting room.”

“Using the Avid script to compare alternate takes when working with directors and producers makes your editing life much easier.”

“I experienced some major difficulties going back to standard definition for sound and music delivery, especially with subtitles. It was a nightmare (in a pal version of media composer).”

“My biggest concern with respect to editing feature films is the lack of concern regarding the “projecting” of dailies either on film or in an HD environment. The importance of projecting dailies on a larger format than a TV monitor should not be an issue that has to be explained or justified. I find this trend most disturbing.“

“I hate FCP, and I’ve had to turn down editing work all year because the media has been digitized for FCP. If I could have used the media with Avid software I’d have been very happy. Compatibility between the two would be great as more and more ‘filmmakers’ are coming to us pros to fix their work after they’ve ‘cut’ it themselves on FCP.”

“really prefer Avid”

“FCP is fine for the editor and one can be very creative, but it is a lot of extra work for the assistant editor particularly on a feature. Processes which would be simple on Avid take a lot longer on FCP, such as playouts, EDLs, digitizing dailies.”

“FCP IS going to take over. Almost all the people coming out of film school are FCP folks and its 1/3 the cost of Avid.”

“Miss Final Cut features on Avid - picking up all tracks & moving them easily, and sound interface.”

“Would like to use it (AudioSuite), but it defeats me.”

“Using Adrenaline w /HD dailies for the first time, speed & crashes have been an enormous, and I mean that, headache.”

“To have trim mode be more flexible, i.e., be able to open up cuts where I would like to as opposed to the inflexible rigid way trim mode is set up. Making the process more flexible & plastic. It’s pretty great as it is, but could be improved.

“Would like the FX (video and audio) work in real time better.”

“The audio editing / mixing in Avid remains clunky and non-intuitive. Avid is a ‘legacy’ system, I don’t anticipate these issues to be tackled by the good folks at Tewksbury any time soon.”

“This film was subtitled, and we had to keep lists of subtitles as Excel documents. It would have been great to have the subtitles in the sequences linked to the spreadsheet.”

“I hate when the system gets really slow for no explainable reason, or when it crashes again and again. It’s only recently that I’ve been frustrated because of my own lack of knowledge… specifically the Sapphire FX. I want to know how to learn the new, advanced editing techniques & VFX, but I’m not sure how to do that.”

“Touch screens would be great - my hands always hurt.”

“System speed is very slow on Adrenaline!!!”

“Some basic editing functions aren’t intuitive in the software.”

And finally….

“Adapt or die”


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