Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Fix Sync

We have a 42" HD Client Display which runs out of sync with our Avid's audio.  To fix the problem our Avid supplier, TimeLine Digital, has provided us with a black box which allows us to adjust a delay of the sound.  Unfortunately this doesn't completely solve the problem of sync for us, as the Avid and client NTSC monitor now are out of sync.  So we toggle between using the delay and not.

We would be interested if anyone with a similar problem has more successfully solved it.

Our black box is a Motron RTS-200 adjusted to .180

Our HD Television is an inexpensive consumer Vizio.

Thank you.

David Augsburger
Assistant Editor
"Falling Skies"


Blogger Shane said...

I wonder if you could try adding a signal delay to the NTSC monitor.

I also came across this possibility:

"If you loop your sound through your plasma/lcd (ie: out of the avid into the plasma), and then into your amp or mixing desk, you client monitoring will always be in sync.

Just make sure you have alternative patching for when you play out to tape."

5:42 AM  

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