Saturday, August 14, 2010

File Copying Error in Mac OS 10.5.8

by  David Augsberger

As we increasingly are moving to a file based workflow, moving media files becomes more a part of the assistant's job. When copying files digitized by our telecine facility and delivered to us on a firewire drive, sometimes there is a copying error. There appears to be a bug in Mac OS 10.5.8 which interrupts a large file transfer.

Here's the error message:
The operation cannot be completed because the item "1R0032B0A01.4C504C0B.0DEBE0.mxf" is in use.

Important note: there was nothing wrong with this file.

A Mac forum has provided evidence that the other application using the file is the preview pane in the finder.  This forum recommends deselecting "show icon preview," which you'll find under the finder's menu:  View >  Show View Options.

If your files are nested in a number of folders, do this for every folder.

As in other cases where a copy is interrupted by a message, it may be difficult to tell what has been copied and what hasn't.  This makes this bug a nuisance.

If the error persists, you might do well to copy 10 files at a time.  The smaller group is easier to keep track of.

The following worked for me:

First, copy the files from the external hard drive to the Avid hard drive.  Then display only the files to copy in list view, sorting them by name.

Label (assigned color) every other group of ten files.

Copy 10 files at a time to the top of the media workspace, which is also sorted by name. By keeping above the AvidMedia Files folder, this keeps files from being read by other Avids, and simplified counting.

When I came across an error I could easily see what files didn't copy, and could copy them as a group or individually. 

I familiarized myself with the naming convention of the files:  The first characters are the reel name, the characters to the immediate left of the first period indicate audio or video, and the other characters are hexadecimal, so letters will never go beyond F.  Finally, the audio files will sort to the top of the list and there is a logical hierarchy to the list.

If it's not easy to figure out what's copied, copy one file at a time and cancel when a warning messages informs me the file already exists. 

Eventually the 10 files in the group are copied and you can proceed to the next group of ten.

When I'm done with the reel I verify the number of files and then move them into their correct folder within the AvidMedia Files folder.

Our System:

OS 10.5.8
Avid Media Composer 4.05, with Nitris.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another thing you can do if your color system fails you for some reason, is simply copy and paste all the files in the folder, and choose not to overwrite the files that already exist in the destination folder.

Of course you still have to check you have the correct number of files when you're done.

7:11 PM  

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