Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Avid Responds to ACE Comments

One question from the ACE 2008 Equipment survey is "What message do you want to send to Avid / Apple / Lightworks ?" The responses were compiled in one Word document. It was sent to Avid's CEO Gary Greefield and President Kirk Arnold, and to contacts at Apple (the Senior Product Manager for Final Cut and a representative in their PR department). Sadly, no member reported using Lightworks, so there were no messages sent to them.

Avid and Apple were asked to respond in any way they chose to our comments. Avid sent two documents; 1) a general letter to ACE members addressing the theme of the comments and 2) a specific answer to each comment addressed to Avid.

The ACE Board feels these responses from Avid are impressive and important. The ACE comments and the Avid response can be downloaded here.  Apple has acknowledged the request and has not issued a response.


Blogger Matthew said...

Keep those updates coming ;)

4:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should Apple respond to such an openly hostile letter?
AVID killed Lightworks, then stalled around version 7. FCP is making AVID better all the time by incorporating more of the computer's functionality into computer editing. It's a healthy competition between a company that changed film editing, and a company that has changed the world.
You sent them an unprofessional letter ("be more AVID-like", "Stay out of my career") akin to sour grapes from high school students then observant suggestions from representatives of ACE.

12:00 AM  
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