Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2006 Equipment Survey Results

There weren’t many surprises in this year's Equipment Survey of ACE members. The biggest complaint (Added Dislikes) were consistent with past surveys: sound, music, and VFX work. Some of the “Added Likes” oddly enough were: sound, music, and VFX work.

Specific technologies added to the workflow were digital multitrack audio, in-house on-line edits, scripting software, an HD projector attached to the Avid, the ability to work on a laptop, video conferencing, and digital dailies,

So, here are the numbers for 2006:

Number of responses: 60. 2005 had 65 responses. 2004 had 80.

Show Type: Feature 30, Episodic 17, Documentary 4, Reality 0, MOW/Mini 7, Commercial 0, Other 2. When the balance of type of shows changes, it changes some of the other results.


Systems Used: Avid Composer 29, Final Cut 8, Adrenaline 16, Express Pro 3. And one lone Avid 7.2 AVBV system. In percentages, notice the jump in Adrenaline use. Lightworks continues to be zero.


Finishing System: Avid Symphony / DS 15, Film 22, Final Cut 4. A variety of systems finished the rest. I’ve combined all Avid systems. Fewer Episodic shows reported, which may explain the larger number of film finishes.


Camera Original: 35mm 34, 16mm 5, HD 24p 16, DV-HD 3, P2 1 (a first), and 70mm 1.

Storage: Unity 40, Not Shared 12, and a combination of Lanshare, Xserve, and FibreNet 6. Media Share was 9.

Venue: Network 17, Theatrical 32, Cable 10, Direct to Video 0, Other 1.


Delivery Format: HD on-line 27, DI 20, DigiBeta 3, Film 10. DI continues to rise.


Who Chose the System: Me 32, Producer 14, Studio 7, Director 2.

It is still distressing that only half of us get to choose the editing system.

More comments from the individual responses later.


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