Wednesday, November 03, 2004

October 2004 Tech Survey

Keywords: Survey, Final Cut, Avid, Lightworks, media share

Posted on the Tech web log is the initial results of our Technology Survey. This pre-dates the snail mail questionnaires that were sent recently.

The information can be downloaded in two formats: excel spreadsheet and .pdf document. The spreadsheet will allow you to sort the information in various ways.

Although one should be cautious about any sweeping pronouncements, as this represents only 53 responses, the initial results reveal a number of interesting points.

1. Final Cut is at this point a very tiny portion of the responses. (4 of 53)
2. Avid is dominating the editing rooms. (46 of 53)
3. Lightworks is also a small share of the edit systems (3 of 53)
4. Shows designated as “Network” all used Avid, and most used shared storage.
5. There doesn’t seem to be a correlation between the edit system and who chose the system. In other words, editors chose Lightworks or Final cut about equally with producers.

I am curious what others observe from this posting. Also, keep checking. We should have results from the snail mailing in a little while.

- Harry


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